Rosie Hernandez

Rosie Hernandez is currently the Program Coordinator for C.A.S.A of San Bernardino’s Peer Mentor Program. For the past seven years, Rosie has worked among foster youth in hopes to help them overcome barriers and obstacles they may face along the way to adulthood. Rosie also has spent time in foster care so she has a special way relating to the youth she works with. She has worked as a Professional Mentor for Uplift Family Services and as a Life Coach for Aspiranet working with Foster Youth. Due to her passion and experience, she was asked to join the Telios team.

In her free time, Rosie volunteers for the California Youth Connection, she served as a member, Chapter Chair and now as an Adult Supporter for the organization. Rosie earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Sociology.

Currently, Rosie is in a credential program in hopes to be in her own classroom by the start of the new school year of 2018. Rosie wishes to work with students in the special education realm within San Bernardino County.